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Intuitive Life Coaching

I help connect spirit seekers like YOU with their inner guide using a combination of life experience, intuition and tarot. I specialize in helping you sort out your life direction, relationships or career so you can find peace, happiness and purpose in your life. I’m based in Stuart, Florida and I proudly offer remote tarot and life coaching services internationally.

It’s my passion to serve others and share my calm and nurturing energy through readings and peer mentorship. Whether you’re looking for confirmation you’re on the right path or you’re in need of a safe space for building your own inner authority, I’m here to provide trustworthy, genuine and friendly guidance.

Access Your Inner Guide

IntuitiveTarot Sessions


Focused advisory sessions using tarot as a tool to get to the heart of transitions you may be experiencing in general life, relationships or your career.

Connect with me live or book a personalized reading.

Find Your Direction

Life Coaching Packages

Seeking support through a phase or growth period in your life? Going through a major change or life transition you can’t see the other side of?

Together we take a deep dive into your goals and uncover what’s holding you back from achieving them. Choose from a range of packages.

Hi! I’m Amelia Laiacona


I’ve journeyed through a transformational shift in my life and I’m passionate about sharing the wisdom I’ve gained so I can help others access their inner guide.


To connect spirit-seekers with their power so they can find peace, happiness & purpose in their lives.


A safe space where good vibes flow, it’s easy to be genuine and everyone has healthy expectations of themselves and others.


“Amelia is intuitive and well versed. Her style is free and her guidance is open & friendly, yet direct. I consulted her with my own personal interest in tarot and she was happy to help me clarify and better interpret what the tarot had revealed. Whether you’re looking for an in depth reading or to seek greater insight into a question you have, she is wonderful. I gladly recommend Good Vibes Goddess.”

Amanda Carr

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